Heart to Heart

Dear Families,†††††

Iíve never understood why people consider Hawaii a paradise. Three hundred and sixty-five days of sun and warm temperatures is not my idea of paradise, and quite frankly, I would languish under such consistent conditions. Can you imagine how boring it would be to wake up each morning and without even looking, know that the day was the same as yesterday, and that each tomorrow would always be the same except for a hurricane now and then? Warm and sunny days are fine in their place, but give me thundershowers, warm spring showers, cold rainy fall days, misty evenings, foggy nights, icy fairylands, lots of snow, clouds, and clear crisp days. Some people complain about living in such unpredictable weather conditions, but I relish each dayís numerous possibilities and thank God for His timely gifts of lovely surprises. Wasnít I blessed to be born in my favorite climate?†††††

Each season is like an old beloved friend which passes through but once a year, thus knowing all too well how quickly these infrequent visits come to an end, I closely look at, intently listen to, deeply smell, tenderly touch, fondly taste, and sincerely appreciate every detail of Godís goodness, savoring each moment while it lasts. Then, just staying long enough to satisfy my soul without wearing out its welcome, it moves on and with a renewed spirit and fresh outlook, I anxiously await the next beloved visitor. Right now, that happens to be summer.†††††

These are the things that thrill my heart during this glorious season: the continual sweet melody of birds, red-winged blackbirds perched upon swaying cattails along the roadside, froggies singing, sunburned noses, swimming suits hung all in a row on the line, the neighborhood kidsí bicycles laying all over our lawn, playing tag with all the kids, walks around the block with other kids and neighbors joining us as we go, popping tar bubbles in the street, watermelon feasts, strawberry pies, picking fresh produce from my dadís garden, popsicle juice running down my kidsí chins, floating down the river, wading in creeks to catch crayfish, skipping rocks on the river, fishing, the warmth of the sun, warm breezes, all culminated in the evening with the ice cream manís bell clanging, cicadas singing, fireflies twinkling, the sweet aroma of my childrenís sweaty little bodies, the delightful sight of dirt in the cracks of their arms and necks, trips down to Ted Drewes ending in a walk around their neighborhood, and whippoorwillsí nightly sere≠nadeóbut, most of all, I love to sit by my window and listen to the sounds of my children and their friends at play.†††††

Take time off to enjoy the summer and your children. Relax and enjoy so youíll be refreshed for another wonderful year of homeschooling. [Reprinted from Thereís No Place Like Home book.]†††††

Our love to all of you,†††††

††††† Jon and Candy