A Mother's Touch
Heart to Heart

A Mother’s Touch (Dedicated to my Mother)
by Candy Summers

 From the moment we were conceived safely tucked beneath her heart, our mother faithfully nourishes our body and our soul. Rocked in her safe harbor, she places her gentle touch upon us as her love and joy flood our being with her message of unconditional love. Even when we emerge from our safe cocoon into the cold world, our mother’s gentle touch securely embraces us, snuggling us to her heart, once again whispering sweet notes of love close to our tiny ears. Wrapped in her circle of love, we gaze upon her beautiful face, smell her lovely fragrance, hear her sweet voice, but most importantly, we feel her gentle touch of love that ultimately shapes our lives and lasts us a lifetime.
 Our mother hears us cry when no one else hears. She sees our tears when no one else sees. She feels our pain when no one else feels. She understands us when no one else does. She believes in us when no one else believes. Her touch comforts like no other. She accepts us and loves us unconditionally. And it is this abiding love that forms deep roots that anchor our souls and enables us to withstand life’s storms.
 While we are yet acorns, our mother sees us as tall, majestic oaks and makes us believe that we can reach the heavens. And as we mature and bear acorns of our own, we in turn impart a mother’s touch—a child’s first glimpse of God.
 Acorn to oak, a mother’s touch—a touch from heaven.