Love Song for a Baby by Marion Dane Bauer, Illustrated by Dan Andreasen PDF Print E-mail
In the Library


A welcome relief from our culture’s anti-baby obsession Love Song for a Baby lovingly begins with an invitation to Come, my darling. Come, my dear. Come hear a song about a baby, a very special baby. Come hear a song about you.


With father resting his head on mother’s pregnant stomach, the parents of their darling baby boy assure him of how much they loved even before he was born; even before he was loveable when he was puckered as prunes and loud as a lion. To them, his smile was the moon, his burps were bells, since we loved you.


They let him know how they snuggled him, watched him when he slept, played with him, and kept him dry. Leaving no doubts that they wanted their baby, they tell him that We’d dreamed a baby, we’d wanted a baby, we’d planned for a baby, we’d waited and waited and waited for a baby, until finally, there was you.


This is a very precious book and a great testament to God’s promise that children are a gift from Him.