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Covenantal Families


Nestled in the bucolic countryside of the ‘Cru de Brouilly,’ in the South of Burgundy, stands the most famous French castle and winery in Beaujolais—the source of a family’s pride and joie de vivre.


Tradition and innovation converge on the gently rolling slopes of Burgundy’s wine country—the setting for Chateau de La Chaize in Odenas, France. Constructed for Francois d’Aix de La Chaize, captain of the Lyon Regiment, the seventeenth-century castle was inspired by drawings from the architect of the Palace of Versailles. Remarkably, the estate has remained in the same family since 1667.


When the property’s current successor, Marquise de Roussy de Sales, took ownership of La Chaize in 1967, she found the grounds a shadow of their former glory. She resolved to refurbish the declining villa, update insufficient winery operations, and restore the formal gardens. Within five years, the home, the landscape, and the wine cellar were designated as historic monuments.


Daughter Caroline manages La Chaize today, joined by an impassioned staff of vignerons (grape growers) including seven families who have cultivated the nearly 250 acres of vineyards for generations. Caroline’s approach to wine making melds modern techniques for increasing quality with time-honored customs of Beaujolais.


La Chaize epitomizes the proud heritage of Burgundy—the castle, the gardens, and the winery—cultural treasures that chronicle more than three centuries of a family’s life among the vines.

–Excerpts from Victoria, May/June 2014