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altThere are so many activities you can do with this idea! Here are just a few.

-Keep a map of America tacked up on the wall so you can pinpoint the states you study.

-Keep a small notebook in your vehicle so you can track all the out of state license plates you see. When you arrive home, have the children place a thumbtack on the map and then calculate how many miles from home that state is from yours. Look up information on each state and place in a notebook.

-Make State Books. Have each member of the family select a state they wish to visit someday. Visit the official tourism sites of the state like the state, paying particular attention to the topography. Include mountains, main rivers, main bodies of waters…. Draw the state bird and state flower. Color the state and surrounding states on a map of America. Research the following and include in State book: state abbreviation, state capital, largest city, area, population, origin of the name of the state, state nickname, state motto, state song, state symbols, state flag, weather, climate, terrain, biblical history, cultural heritage, political history, major industries, national parks/monuments/historical sites on each. After they have completed this project, hold a show and tell for the rest of the family.

-Or study America by regions-Northwest Coast, Plateau, Great Basin, Southwest, Great Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Southeast, again studying the weather, climate, terrain, animals, cultural heritage, biblical history, national parks/monuments/historical sites of each.

-Borrow state travelogues from the library.

-Make a salt dough relief map and paint accordingly either by states or regions.

-Learn the capitols of each state by playing Sequence States and Capitols.

-Learn about America by playing Mad Dash, Snapshots Across the US, Ticket To Ride America, and 10 Days in the USA.