Heart to Heart



Recently we had a conversation with a waitress that included the fact that she and her boyfriend were soon to purchase a house, to which I inserted, “After you’re married, I hope.” She sheepishly looked at me with downcast eyes telling me all I needed to know. I quickly asked her if she knew the high statistics of failed marriages of those who lived together prior to marriage. I then shared with her the significance of making a solemn sacred covenant before the Lord, for better or worse, richer or poorer; in sickness and in health—for it is only that commitment before the Lord that holds any marriage together.


I then told her to make certain that she waited until that boy made an honest girl of her. And then told her that if he really loved her, he would marry her. I then asked her what she thought would hold them together if they moved in to the house they soon hoped to purchase without being married—the house? But before she could answer, I told her that houses are easily disposed of and can easily be divided between two parting parties. I pointed to my family, and said that this is the blessing marriage brings. But I also shared that in my 35 years of marriage, we certainly had differences that could have ended in divorce had it not have been for our commitment before God to stay together for better and for worse. I then encouraged her to wait until that young man married her. Thankfully, before we left, she came up to me and said, “I will strongly consider what you have said to me. Thank you.” Love your neighbor as yourself!