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In the Library


The cover of this book depicts four animals kissing their babies in their own way—a goat with its kid, a dog licking its pup, a chicken pecking her chick, and a duck stroking her duckling with her bill. Since parents’ kissing their babies is naturally irresistible, I naturally opened the book. What met my eyes was a lovely farm at sunrise. Birds were flying, a rabbit was hopping, a mouse scurrying, farm animals were sleeping in their sheds as others were waiting to be milked, all while the rooster announced the beautiful morning to one and all.


No family member yet stirred, but I knew they were coming soon because the animals looked with anticipation for someone to milk them and release them from their confines to the open pasture.


Although we all know how much we loved kissing our babies, this book is more about how “little ones love kisses.” Given that the story begins at daybreak, kisses were in order to welcome little ones from their sweet slumber to another glorious day. Remember how much fun it was to awaken our own little ones with smiles, kisses, and “good morning sweethearts”? But as I read the book, I realized that the kisses throughout the book were those given by mothers to their children throughout the day ending with “There are all kinds of kisses, but the best kiss of all…is Mommy’s kiss good night. Sweet Dreams, Little One!”


From beginning to end, the animals all give their own specialized kiss. Little Calf loves Moo kisses; Little Kid loves Maaa kisses; Little Lamb loves Baaa kisses; Little Pup loves Woof kisses, and so on. Need I say more? It is a very cute book.