Heart to Heart


Gloomy seasons of religious indifference and social sin are not exempted from the divine purpose. When the altars of truth are defiled, and the ways of God forsaken, the Lord’s servants weep with bitter sorrow, but they need not despair, for even the darkest eras are governed by the Lord and will come to an end at His command. What seems defeat to us may be victory to Him.


Though enwrapt in gloomy night,

We perceive no ray of light;

Since the Lord Himself is here,

‘Tis not fitting we should fear. –Mornings and Evenings devotional by Charles Spurgeon


God not only prepares people to shape history but He also shapes history to prepare people so that they may fulfill their destiny and accomplish God’s purpose in the earth. This aspect of God’s principle of preparation is evident in English history of the 16th century. We see God using various events to help prepare those people who would become the parents of the republic of the United States of America. –We are not certain if the preceding quote is from Stephen McDowell or Rushdoony, but it is so very true!


Candy and I wholeheartedly believe, along with other speakers and leaders, that God is preparing our families through this conference to fulfill their magnificent destiny and accomplish God’s great purpose on this earth.