Covenantal Families


CASTING A VISION FOR MULTIGENERATIONAL FAMILY BUSINESS It is always good to hear from you that you are reading these to your children. We must be diligent in casting a vision for multigenerational faithfulness!


Libman Family made in the USA since 1896-Bringing the world a better way to clean through innovation, design and quality. For over 110 years, the Libman family has made quality their utmost priority. William Libman started the Libman Company in 1896 with one mission: to make the finest, most durable wire-wound corn brooms. William’s sons, grandsons and great grandchildren have since expanded that mission to include the finest mops, brooms, brushes and cleaning tools.


The more things change...Since William Libman founded The Libman Company as a broom manufacturer in 1896, our company has remained the same in many ways. We have maintained a commitment to offering the highest quality products on the market. The quality of our products has continuously met-and exceeded-the higest industry standards. And, the Libman family continues to produce high quality products in the USA.


...the more we've changed William's sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren have maintained that dedication over the generations. As the cleaning needs of the American public have expanded, so has our product line. However, product quality has never been sacrificed for the purposes of product line expansion. By remaining a reliable source for cleaning products, we have survived the ups and downs of the economy and worldwide events.


20th Century Growth it was William's sons, Clarence, Sam and Ben, who brought creativity and improved operations to the company during the Great Depression. Their contributions helped Libman to succeed throughout the era. In fact, Libman was one of the rare companies to expand its operations during the Depression.


As the country pulled itself out of the Depression in the 1940s, World War II began, and Libman helped with the effort. We produced over 2,500 brooms a day from 1942-45 for the War Department. Our custom made products were used in military bases and on military vessels throughout the war.


In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Libman grew and improved its product line of brooms, mops, brushes and other cleaning products. By 1980, we were one of the largest producers of cleaning products in the U.S. In 1990, Libman introduced one of its best-selling products to date, the Wonder Mop®. Still in production, the Wonder Mop® simplified mopping and made it possible for users to thoroughly clean floors without getting their hands wet.


Continuing service Today, the Libman family carries on William Libman’s vision. We look forward to serving our existing customers and expanding into new markets in the U.S. and abroad. As their needs change, we will continue to adapt with them.