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In the Library


My favorite fall book is Brambly Hedge Autumn Story, which tells a story about how mice make fall preparations for the winter by gathering the last of the nuts and berries. The illustrations are just adorable and have been a favorite fall tradition since my first child was very young. For truly, one cannot possibly go wrong with a book about adorable mice named Lord and Lady Woodmouse, Primrose, Mr. and Mrs. Apple, Wilfred, Dusty Dogwood and Lady Daisy who live in the Brambly Hedge. And as if that isn’t enough, there are baskets and walking sticks, tangly hawthorn trees, toadstools, thistledown carpet, snuggly cloaks, cupboards, clean nighties, hot acorn coffee, and comfy beds.


It all begins in the blackberry thicket: “It was a fine autumn. The blackberries were ripe, and the nuts were ready, and the mice of Brambly Hedge were very busy. Every morning they went out into the fields to gather seeds, berries and roots, which they took back to the Store Stump, and carefully stowed away for the winter ahead. The Store Stump was warm inside, and smelled deliciously of bramble jelly and rising bread, and it was already nearly full of food.”


It then ends with, “Ease your whiskers, rest your paws, Pies and puddings fill the stores. Sweetly dream the night away, Till sunshine brings another day.”


I also love the delightful pictures that accompany this wonderful tale, especially the one of the Store Stump and Primrose’s bedroom.


This is a must for every child’s library!