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Delightful Surprises


~Using construction paper or markers or crayons, have the child create a bare tree. Then using fingers, add colored leaves by dipping fingers in bowls of fall colored tempera paint and pressing colored fingertips on the tree’s branches.

~Over a window, table, or door, welcome all to fall by creating a fall garland. Either by cutting out leaves from construction paper or craft foam, string colored maple leaves, each with a letter on it to spell FALL and hang.

~After coring a pumpkin, save some of the seeds from those you roast to create a slice of pumpkin. Using orange construction paper, cut out a pumpkin shape with the stem. Color the stem with brown crayon. Then glue pumpkin seeds and yellow yarn in the center to depict the center of a sliced pumpkin.

~Create a leaf book by folding over colored construction paper in half. Tie with colored string to secure pages. Collect colored leaves from various trees. Glue a different leaf on each page and label—Maple, Oak, Ash…

~Using Popsicle sticks, create a fence by gluing several upright across two horizontal ones. Once secured, cut pumpkins, corn shocks, and leaves from fall colored craft foam and glue along picket fence. Glue a little magnet on back and hang on refrigerator.

~Using an inverted paper plate as the base for the face, create an adorable scarecrow. Draw the eyes and mouth with a black marker. Cut out a nose and cheeks from construction paper and glue on plate. Cut out straw hair from yellow construction paper, a hat from brown construction paper, and a sunflower for the hat from yellow, orange and dark brown construction paper. Glue on plate.