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Dick’s Five and Dime has been a Branson landmark for over fifty years and one we return to each time we are in Branson. Although most items are marked for more than a nickel or a dime, the merchandise is very reasonably priced. With over 50,000 different items to choose from, this store is a great stop for the entire family. We love all the nostalgic toys, puzzles, games, pictures, and hard to find items like Popsicle molds. This store began in the hearts of owners Dick and Jane Hartley, as they desired to start a family business close to their own family and hometown of Springfield. Read their multigenerational story at http://dicksoldtime5and10.com/about-us/#historywhere they invite their patrons to join them in 2061 to help them celebrate their 100 year anniversary. Pictures of the store can be seen at http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=dicks+five+and+dime&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz35