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OCTOBER 2nd, 2013

Since it is really important to me to be surrounded by beautiful things, and since I wash our dishes by hand each day, I want pretty, soft, thick dishcloths that are not made in China, Bangladesh, or India.  Unfortunately, these qualifications don’t just limit the selection- they completely rule out all dishcloths. Therefore, I decided to look for American made plush washcloths to serve in its stead. Thankfully I enjoy my daily washing ritual with these vibrant beauties. They are Wamsutta's Perfection line. Considering that I wash over three loads of dishes a day, usually much more, I must tell you that they have served me well these past few years. However, since it has been a while, I don't know how easy it will be to replace them, but I will work hard to find beautiful, plush, American made washcloths instead of going back to those ugly, thin, foreign manufactured ones. Created in the image of God, we naturally desire exquisitely crafted products that please our hearts every time we view them. So spend a little extra time shopping, so that you end up with things that are lovely to use, even when it comes to dishcloths.