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Delightful Surprises


To help your family spring forth into this delightful season, plan some fun and delightful activities for them.


* Have a contest to see who can find the most signs of spring. Post a listing on the refrigerator.

* Give everyone a scrapbook for keeping pictures, drawings, and paintings of all your spring activities.

* Plan some delightful picnic dinners at your favorite parks.

* Have a scavenger hunt at the park using plastic farm animals.

* Visit Purina Farms and Suson Park to see all the newborn farm animals.

* Get out the blocks and plastic farm animals and spend an afternoon building a farm and playing with the animals.

* Read Charlotte’s Web and then watch the video.

* Go to Shaw’s Garden and have the children sketch spring flowers in a scrap or sketch book designated for Spring. Color in with colored pencils. Take poster board, brushes, watercolors, and several jars of water and also have them do some beautiful spring watercolors.

* Using Sculpey clay, have the children form bird’s nests and colored eggs, rabbits, little ducklings, piglets, chickens, and lambs.

* Line a pretty basket with plastic, fill with potting soil, and plant with grass. Place in sunny window. When grown add your Sculpey clay creatures.

* Blow out eggs, color in pastel colors, and with satin ribbon, hang from grapevines, chandeliers, and in your windows.

* Take a shoebox and place it on its side. Fill with budding branches, grass, and tiny plastic woodland animals or clay animals.

* Place some paperwhite bulbs in pretty shallow dishes and fill in with colored pebbles or driveway gravel. I also like just placing a bulb in each of our narrow throated vases of water.

* Using construction paper, cut out large tulips and daffodils and place in your windows.

* Fill window boxes with pansies or herbs and place on your windowsill.

* Using spring colored tissue paper, scrunch large and small pieces for blossoms and place on green markered stems drawn on poster board.

* Purchase little decorative wooden birdhouses and outdoor wooden birdhouses at a craft store. Paint them. Hang the decorative ones in your windows or from grapevines. Hang the outdoor ones in strategic places outdoors so that the children can see all the activity from inside.

* Make your own birdbath from a clay saucer placed on post near a window. Fill with water and watch the birds as they sip, dip, and bathe.

* Turn up the soil for a little spring garden and plant pansies and Johnny jump ups.

* Fill pretty baskets with pink and yellow tulips.

* Hot glue tiny, silk spring blossoms on miniature straw hats and a satin ribbon loop on the underside of the brim for hanging on grapevines or chandeliers or on branches of forsythia or pussy willow. Also use these as napkin ring holders.

* Using cardstock, scalloped scissors, markers, and spring stickers, make a place card for everyone in your family.

* Press spring blossoms. When dry, glue on cardstock. Cover with contact paper for bookmarks.

* Make spring baskets for elderly family members and neighbors. Fill with a potted spring flower, pretty spring napkins, herbal tea, spring colored candies, a little pastel colored candle, spring colored stationery, a flowered pen, garden seeds, flowered garden gloves, gardening tools….

* Paint flowerpots and fill with spring flowers.