Delightful Surprises



Autumn brings to mind the pictures I created with my large orange, yellow, brown, and red crayons of pumpkins sitting beneath lovely old rough-hewn board fences against a backdrop of trees clustered on hillsides aglow with burnt sienna, crimson, and golden leaves. I loved creating those pictures so much that when my own children were young, I would present them with brand new fall colored crayons so that we could sit down together and create the same pictures I did so very long ago.


altThen there were the tramps through my old haunts in the woods, to which I took the children to gather acorns, fungi, and colored leaves. Sweaters were unfolded and wrapped around our chilly bodies. Hands were warmed around mugs of steaming soup and hot chocolate. Nights came sooner so that lamplight glowed longer.


There is something so cozy about chilly weather that makes me so grateful that I live in a climate that enables me to snuggle deeply within the comfy pockets of my home. In the evenings as the chill settles in, I love to stir steaming soups over a warm stove, pour mugs of heart warming brew, snuggle in bed as we read, and then settle down for the night beneath piles of covers.


Following suit, I quaked with delight on the first chilly evening we had this October, as I busied myself making soup, stew, bread, cinnamon rolls, and apple pie. When Josiah arrived home from work, he had a skip in his walk and a twinkle in his eyes, not unusual by any means, as he loves coming home to the wonderful aromas that waft from the kitchen, knowing that he will have an evening ahead with his family. Yet he was a bit more frisky this evening. When I asked him why he was more excited than usual, he told me that it was now nearly 6:30 and already dark, providing longer nights at home reading, playing games, and munching on popcorn while watching movies. Even our dogs did extra pirouettes that night before settling down on their new winter beds the boys had brought home for them.


May your evenings be filled with warm, cozy comfort!