Heart to Heart



One of the pleasures of going through of all my parents’ papers is finding an abundance of cards, notes, and letters of gratitude that I sent them through the years. Pleasurable because it comforts me to know that I continually expressed my appreciation for them, in my father’s case, while he was still living, and in my mother’s case, while she could comprehend. I cannot adequately express just how comforting this is, but I can wholeheartedly encourage you to express your own gratitude to your parents before it is too late. I printed the following note I wrote to my own parents many years ago in hope that it will spur you on and give you ideas of what to impart.


“Dear Mom, Dear Dad, What a great trip we shared!! The scenery was fantastic! We had lovely weather and delicious meals. We shared new adventures and fondly remembered shared moments spent on familiar territory. It was grand, all of it, but most and best of all, was just being together and sharing each new discovery, each other, and our time.


Talking, singing, reading, joking, eating, picnicking, and loving messages like ‘Look at that,’ ‘Look over there,’ ‘Isn’t that beautiful,’ ‘Do you remember this,’ ‘That was delicious,’ ‘Let us do this,’ ‘How about that,’ ‘Are you okay,’ ‘Would you like to sit up here,’ ‘Come over here, sit by me,’ ‘Are you feeling okay,’ ‘Do you want this,’ ‘Thanks,’ ‘Come on over…’ –beautiful moments, beautiful sounds of love! It’s easy to take these for granted, but I want you to know, I don’t. I reflect on every pleasure, every care, every love, everything we share and realize how significantly important and precious these moments, and you, are to me. Each moment together is another lovely note added to the beautiful song I play over and over in my memory.


Thanks for all your efforts. I appreciate and realize every one—the planning, the driving, and the constant trying. Thank you!


Jon, the children, and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and greatly appreciated being with you on the trip. Love from all of us!”


Every child has thousands of reasons to be grateful to his parents. Just pick a few today and take the time to write a note of appreciation!