Covenantal Families




Well, it is almost here! The most important conference Candy and I have ever hosted! From one of our first conferences at Twin Oaks on The Family Dynasty: The Battle for the 21st Century by Marshall Foster to this unprecedented lineup of godly speakers on Covenantal Families, God has blessed CHEF from the beginning and continues to bless us with the best speakers and the best messages available.


This morning Candy talked with a mother from Topeka, Kansas whose family is coming this year because her husband saw our website and said that he wanted his children at our conference—not only his young children but also his married children who are soon to give birth to his first grandchildren. This is a man with a vision for his children’s children! A father who is faithfully directing the next generation to maintain the course—a course that will ultimately lead to multigenerational faithfulness of taking dominion for God’s glory. This is actually the focus of CHEF’s 29th Annual 2013 Conference and Curriculum Fair: Taking Dominion for God’s Glory! For the Earth is the Lord’s, and we, as His stewards, are to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, and take dominion for God’s glory! That is our duty! That is our destiny! That is our hope!


Each year our conference attracts families from states all over America because of our uncompromised stand to honor God by raising up faithful generations for His glory.


This year is no different with families coming from Washington, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois… with the exception that God is now bringing families from other countries as well—two from Canada and one from India. The remnant is pulling together to be strengthened, encouraged, and charged for the exciting days ahead, as we have been raised up for such a time as this!


When we wrote our speakers this year, we let them know that our objective was to emphasize the importance of multigenerational covenantal faithfulness. Our hope is that our children will become the next standard bearers in the battle for God’s glory—the Second Mayflower of Covenant Keepers!