Heart to Heart

Since homeschooling will continue only if parents embrace a multigenerational vision, consider for a moment the fruit of CHEF’s faithfulness in training parents to disciple their children with their posterity in view:

The vast majority of our conference attendees are families: father, mother, and children. Our families continue to return over and over again, bringing back their own children, their grown children, their grandchildren, and even their own parents, making three, sometimes four generations in attendance.

Many are between the ages of 18-30, attending with their families as an uninterrupted unit to further their ability to work with their family while also preparing themselves for marriage and parenting.

While many conferences predominately focus on academics, our conference deliberately limits its academic workshops because we believe that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom so that when families seek first the kingdom of God , all other things will fall into place. Not surprisingly then, since our focus is not academic but spiritual, the academic workshops are always least attended, as our families purposefully choose those messages that will impact their family spiritually.

Speakers continue to reiterate how vastly different our conference and our families are from others, emphasizing the spiritual depth as unsurpassed. Often these same speakers go on to express their hopeful anticipation of the great deeds they expect from our children.

Countless people between the ages of 8 to 30 also tell Candy and me how impressed they are with the other young attendees, as they express their gratitude for the speakers’ messages and all the hard work that goes into putting on our conference—further evidence of God’s gracious Spirit in these children and the diligent training of gracious parents.

Of course, parents themselves comment on the differences. One mother in particular this year revealed the sentiments of many when she told us that her children were so impressed that none of the young people they saw at the conference were texting or talking on phones but engaging in conversations with their families and others. They were also delighted to find our young people dressed so modestly.

She went on to explain how discouraged her family has been with the children in their support group, all of whom attend their group’s learning center, because of their immodesty, disrespect for parents and elders, disinterest in interaction with their families and other adults, and preoccupation with friends. The mother then expressed her own delight with finding other like-minded families and her desire to become involved in our CHEF activities.

This is true of our vendors as well, as they continue to express their gratitude for the spirit of our conference, our graciousness, and our people’s graciousness. Some tell us that it is their favorite conference and that their participation is their gift to themselves because they are always so blessed by it.

Let us all give thanks to God for blessing CHEF with His magnificent mercy and grace!