Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart




We are sorry that it has taken us so long to send out another newsletter. Everyone has been asking how our summer has been and if we were able to get some rest after the conference. Well, right after the conference we hit the road running in readying both mom’s and our house for sale. In July, we replaced mom’s septic tank, repaired a water leak, air conditioner, and garage door, and finished a five-year project of cleaning out everything in the house. After our second dumpster, we are finally done wading through 64 years of collecting.

So no one gets the wrong idea, Mom and Dad’s house is beautiful and has always been kept very orderly and clean, but after being in the retail business for over 40 years, everything that did not sell seemed to come home. Needless to say, much had accumulated which needed to be pitched.

The only things left are fixing a leak in the basement, replacing the basement carpeting, painting the kitchen ceiling, replacing the kitchen flooring, painting the cabinets, painting the foyer and front door, and possibly painting and changing out the outdated blue and green tiles and fixtures in the bathrooms.

On our own home front, we cleaned our own basement, washed and painted basement walls, put up more shelving, landscaped the side yard and backyard and are now rebuilding our back porch. Hopefully, all these projects will be done by October.

We have also been taking care of all the paperwork, bank accounts, securities, and appraisals that become necessary with a trust once a parent dies. The deluge of work could be quite overwhelming if it weren’t for all of us pulling together to get it done.

This past month we celebrated our 34th anniversary. Thankfully, it was a very special time of reflection on our 34 years together and prayerful commitment to the years ahead for continuing to build our family business for our children’s children and continuing to build our homeschooling community. Both excited and challenged with the changes we feel are coming, we are running the race set before us with hopeful anticipation of the blessings to come.

To that end we have also continued ministering to homeschooling families about every three days, personally meeting with families to strengthen and encourage the Body. And although we have been consumed with getting both houses ready to sell, we have also taken the time to get together with friends for picnic dinners in the park, band concerts, the zoo, Grant’s Farm, Shaw’s Garden, float trips, four wheeling, and gathering at each other’s homes, so we have taken time to make fun for the children.

Many of you have asked about Candy’s leg. Even now she continues to see improvements, as she no longer has to hop down stairs. She cannot run or even walk too quickly yet, but she is working on the treadmill to strengthen that muscle. Yes, it still does hurt at times, but nothing she cannot live with if need be.

Thank you for your prayers.

Sincerely, Jon and Candy