Delightful Surprises~New
Heart to Heart

~Throughout the season, upon grabbing my hand, Jon sets the course for our journey by saying, “Let’s take a walk through your garden.” Bed by bed, pot by pot, we investigate the growth and developing beauty of the vegetables and flowers, which God continued to grow even while we slept, ate, and went about our daily business. How incredibly rewarding it is to see the progression of God’s handiwork and the fruition of our labor. And how delightful it is to have Jon take my hand now as I once did with my own children when I took them on those thrilling journeys of discovery. If you have young children, make certain that you instill in them a love of exploration of God’s magnificent creation—especially the wonder of seeing life spring from such tiny seeds.
~Always thinking of one another, our family particularly concentrates on pleasing those from whom they are parted. So on the day Jon and Josiah were to arrive home after baling hay for a friend in southern Missouri, I busied myself making their favorite meal. Then I went out in the garden to cut mint for Jon’s sweetened tea (I don’t like mint, he loves it) and rose-colored mums for the bathroom (I don’t care for mums that much, but Jon loves them). For Josiah, I picked raspberries from his raspberry beds to garnish his glass of sweetened tea and for over ice cream. In turn Josiah surprised Sonia and I with a bouquet of wildflowers, while Jon brought back raspberry preserves he had made and placed in fluted sundae dishes topped off with paraffin.
~When the children are young, it is important to set the course for thoughtfulness by including them in the daily thoughtful deeds you do for your family. For instance, I always included my children on surprising Daddy with delightful meals, a drawn hot bath, bouquets from our garden, and interesting books and articles to be read after dinner. And then of course, I always surprised my children with bouquets by their beds, little gifts at the table, teddy bears dressed for Tea, pajamas warmed in the dryer…Set the course by your daily example!