Summer Activities
Heart to Heart

~To help young children develop eye hand coordination, provide a variety of containers and a source of water for your children to pour from one container to the next. Containers might include a pitcher, plastic drinking cup, various Tupperware containers, shampoo bottle, measuring cup, and measuring spoons.
~The above activity can be performed another day using sand instead of water.
~To improve focused attention, exploration, following directions, and vocabulary, have the children find such things that you specify like a yellow flower, rough rock, smooth rock, long blade of grass, short blade of grass, pointy leaf, jagged leaf, shiny leaf, dull leaf, green bean, red tomato, fuzzy okra pod…
~Using non-toxic Tempera paint, have your child make tootsie paintings. Place a long piece of butcher-block paper on the sidewalk. Then with feet dipped in a shallow pan of Tempera paint, have the children step down the piece of paper.