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Exchanging Spring’s Wardrobe for Winter’s Wardrobe

October 18th, 2012

After years of accompanying me through the two day process of exchanging everyone’s

wardrobe for the present season, Sonia just naturally begins the process as soon as a chill comes our way, and then completes the job with color coordinating everyone’s clothes, just as I taught her when she was a little girl. It is such a joy to reap the reward of domestic discipleship.


Closet by closet, each person’s articles of clothing are inspected for stains and tears. Those which need to be washed are thrown in the clothes basket, those which need mending go into a mending pile, those which have been outgrown are placed in a box to give away, and those which are clean are folded and placed on the bed to replace the clothing which comes out of the storage containers.

Certain pieces are left in the closet, which will be suitable for wearing this fall and next spring. That way we each have outfits we can wear before we have a chance to change out the closets again. For instance, I keep lighter weight jackets and cream-colored pants and tops in my closet, which can be worn now and then.†

Once most of the clothes have been removed, the shoes at the bottom of the closet are taken out so the floor can be vacuumed. Then the bars are vacuumed. Once the closet is clean, the containers, for that particular closet, are brought down from the attic.

Piece by piece, each article of clothing is hung and placed in the closet according to amount of wear. For instance, the best clothes are hung off to the sides for special occasions, while the more frequently worn items are closer to the center for easier access. Each piece is hung according to color so that the entire closet is color coordinated. †To incur no waste:

~Clothes that no longer fit are recycled by giving them to other homeschooling families.

~Sentimental clothing is stored in the attic marked keepsake, so that our children have

†special outfits to pass on to their own children. One young man from our church, just

†returned a suit because he remembered that Josiah wanted it back for his boys.†

~We reuse all the hangers we receive from the cleaners, and often ask if they have any

†they want to recycle.

~Discarded cotton shirts, pants, underwear, and socks are cut into rags. The best are kept for cleaning our home, while the rest go in the boy’s rag box in the garage.†

~Ripped stockings are kept for collecting the lint from dryer hose when Jon redirects the

†heat inside, during the winter.