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Delightful Surprises

       Even though I am writing this at the end of January, I am already planning for our annual Spring Celebration when we celebrate God’s gift of life. We begin by reading the story of creation and all the verses in the Bible relating to His magnificent handiwork. Then we get our house ready for the newness of life by putting away all our winter decorations and doing a thorough “spring” cleaning. Once that is finished, we get out all our spring decorations and prepare our house for another one of God’s glorious seasons.

      We will begin by hanging our adorable birdhouse ornaments from our dining room chandelier, intermingling silk spring flowers among the grapevines on the wall, arranging silk pansies in our tall vase, and potting live pansies so they can sun themselves on our windowsill. More silk spring flowered garlands will be hung over windows and mirrors as we arrange more bouquets in vases and place throughout the house. All of our spring baskets, stuffed animals, china, vases, wreaths, books, pillows, table runners, tablecloths, and fabric will be lovingly placed to renew our hope in the blessings of spring.

      Jon blew the yolks out of light green eggs, which he purchased from a farmer, so that we could decorate them with paints and ribbon to hang from some bare branches in a vase. The children will also hang their adorable rabbits and egg ornaments, too. I wound grapevines into hollow balls that the children and I will cover with moss and fill with speckled eggs, which we will hang from the ceiling with ribbon. Then we will paint six flowerpots (turned upside down) in spring colors, with a letter on each one, so when we place them side-by-side on our shelf, they will spell out SPRING. Next, we will paint wooden eggs and little birdhouses to be added on our shelves. I also purchased silk in vibrant colors so we could make tiny pillows to be tucked in among our other decorations.

      For our table we will spray paint little nests to hold foil-covered eggs and little flowerpots to hold more pansies. Stuffed bunnies will be popping out of flowerpots around our spring books like The Brambly Hedge Spring Story that we use for decorations. Pastel colored paper plates and napkins will stand out nicely against the yellow tablecloth and purple grass that adorns the decorations in the center of the table. Each of our children will receive some new spring decorations for their room, which will eventually be used for their own family celebrations in their own homes. These are the traditions that weave lovely, lovely memories throughout many generations and make life ever so pleasant. Y