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Covenantal Families


Multi-generational businesses are formed on mutual commitment to family and to the family’s legacy. In our minds, they are covenants at their best, their continuity binding the generations into a league of covenant keepers whose faithfulness is not only blessed in one generation but multiple generations, and who in turn bring blessings to their community and country at large over multiple generations. That is why we are always so pleased to present you with companies that exemplify this biblical doctrine.

Toasting Martinelli for Preserving Their Family Legacy


During the holidays and on other memorable occasions, our family often toasts the Lord with Martinelli’s effervescent sparkling apple cider, so it was with great pleasure that we discovered this company’s multi-generational history, thanks to Erica Keithly. As a matter of fact, this year marks Martinelli’s 143rd year commitment to their family legacy, which according to John Martinelli, is their most important goal—a legacy for excellence that five generations have maintained by working together to produce premium products—an excellence that has achieved 50 gold medals.

Martinelli’s commitment to their family’s honored reputation has led them to maintain their quality by processing their apples just as they did back in 1868, in spite of modern technology, which offers alternative methods for higher yield. So unlike other producers who increase their volume by heating their produce, the only time Martinelli’s apple juice feels any heat is during flash pasteurization. Instead, the juice remains at orchard temperature during pressing, settling, and filtering, which in turn preserves the fresh apple flavor derived from this traditional method. As a result of this commitment to excellence, in contrast to other competitors who add water, sweeteners, and preservatives, fresh apple juice is all you get when you drink Martinelli’s products.

altOne of California ’s oldest family owned and operated businesses, S. Martinelli and Company was established in 1868, shortly after Swiss immigrant Stephen Martinelli came to America to join his brother Louis on his farm in central California . Located in the fertile Pajoro Valley , Martinelli’s juice making operation helped make this area the largest apple-producing region in the world. Even as China garnered 80% of the world’s apple juice market by paying workers just $2 a day, Martinelli continued to keep their local growers in business. This meant paying a premium price for apples because the American growers pay their workers $20 an hour, but loyalty to their suppliers is another sterling quality of this family’s heritage. Accordingly, the Martinelli family knows their growers on a personal level, many because their great grandfather purchased apples from the great grandfathers of these same growers. Presently Martinelli purchases 90 percent of the valley’s Fuji , Gala, Red and Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Honey Crisp, and Newtown Pippin, brought here in the 1700s by Benjamin Franklin.

Looking ahead for the best interest of future generations, Martinelli has expanded by developing sparkling apple; cranberry, grape, pomegranate, pear, peach, raspberry, and wildberry; lemonade, mango lemonade; and super fruit blends Awesome AÁai Blueberry, Goji Tropical, Powerful Pomegranate Yumberry, Refreshing Rainforest Blend, and Yummy Yumberry Blueberry.

altLocally grown, hand sorted, traditionally pressed, and taste tested each day by the family, an exceptional product is created, a product we can all be proud of because it is made right here in America. Faithfulness is the basis of a covenantal community, which in turn blesses the country at large, but then it also takes customers who are faithful to invest in American made products created by companies that work to preserve family, community, and country. For more information, visit