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Creating a lovely atmosphere in the dining room or dining area is crucial for intimate conversation. The first component to consider toward achieving that goal is lighting. Overhead lights are cold and harsh, but they can easily be softened to warm the room by placing them on a dimmer. But even better yet is keeping the overhead light off altogether and instead using soft low lighting created from candles and twinkle lights.

Placed in candelabras, in crystal rose bowls, in crystal compotes, in candleholders, on mirrors, and floated in crystal bowls with flowers, candles are an integral part of every evening meal.

Twinkle lights are also crucial to the overall atmosphere intertwined in grapevines above the dining room table and placed over mirrors, around our china cabinet, and sometimes even in the china cabinet. They add a spectacular charm. As do mirrors, hung near the table so that they reflect the candlelight.

Upholstered chairs or cushions soften the room and make it more comfortable. I have actually used very inexpensive remnants for our chairs, spending a little extra on comfort by adding an extra depth of cushion.

Linen tablecloths soften the table and create a classic background that highlights the china and crystal.

We don’t drink out of our good crystal goblets every day, but we do drink out of cut glass every meal, which we find very inexpensively at Home Goods. Even when the children were younger, I always had a smaller version of our crystal goblets and everyday cut glasses for their use.

When I was first married, I did not receive, nor could we afford, many pieces from my sterling silver pattern, so I selected a more affordable stainless pattern, but one that looked very much like my beautiful sterling design.

I have accumulated our china, crystal, linens, and place settings over the past 33 years, patiently waiting for sales and clearance. However, since Sonia was little, I have constantly acquired china, crystal, serving pieces, and linens for her so that she is set by the time she marries.

Soft, warm, and beautiful; brilliant, stunning, spectacular; dramatic, dazzling, and breath taking; marvelous and magnificent—these are the goals we wish to attain when it comes to creating a lovely atmosphere for our family’s dining.