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May 8th, 2012

Throughout our marriage, we would go with my parents to purchase our bedding plants, visiting various nurseries throughout Missouri and Illinois. And even when we were not in need of any more plants, if we discovered a new nursery while on one of our long drives around the countryside, Dad or Jon would turn in so that we could walk around and enjoy the plants. When my father became weakened and frail, we would park our van facing the plants so that he could watch us make our selections. It was certainly not the same as we hurried to keep him from sitting too long in the heat, but he enjoyed it nonetheless and it felt better having him with us. Eventually, it was just too much for Dad, so we ended up going without them this last year to pick out the bedding plants for their beds. 



Considering our long held tradition of this annual pilgrimage, the absence of our family’s yearly routine created a void, which naturally saddened us. But it has been my experience that oftentimes as one familiar and pleasant blessing takes wing, another one comes to rest as God faithfully takes care of our desires. So for this particular outing, God directed Diane Drinkard several years ago, to invite us to accompany them to nurseries throughout their area, and thus spawned a new tradition. It begins with Diane ordering our heirloom tomato plants so that they are ready for us when we arrive. Then I pick the Drinkard girls up in our truck for the day of traveling to nursery after nursery for the best selection of vegetable and bedding plants. The great thing about going with Diane is that she knows so much about bedding plant’s growing habits. After we are done, we enjoy a trip to Viviano’s market in Fenton.



Our family’s desire is to operate our own nursery and market in the near future. Hopefully, many of you will begin a tradition of making an annual pilgrimage to our nursery someday. Happy planting!