Withdrawal Letter
Heart to Heart

Sample Withdrawal Letter - to allow the public schools to clear their records


John and Jane Doe

2514 Anyname Street

Anytown, MO 6xxxx


To: George Anonymous, Supt.

314 Education Drive

Anytown, MO 6xxxx


Dear Sir;


Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 167.031 (RSMo), we have elected to educate our xxth grade son/daughter Joseph/Janis at home.


Please  forward all records you have on our child(ren) to the above address. Include all health records and any other evaluations, record, or report you have in your files.


This letter is sent to allow you to clear your records and is NOT to be construed as a registration as covered by the provisions of Chapter 167.042 (RSMo).


Thank you for your helpfulness in this matter.




John and Jane Doe