January 13th, 2020 Print

Family Covenant Ministries/CHEF Homeschool Rally 

Tuesday January 28th
10:30 am-12:30 pm
State Capitol Rotunda (Indoors) Jefferson City
Rally Speakers
Representative Ben Baker-Homeschooling father
Representative Mike Moon-Homeschooling father
Senator Bob Onder-Homeschooling father
Senator Andrew Koenig-Homeschooling father 
Jon and Candy Summers- CHEF/FCM Leaders
David Klarich- FCM Attorney and Lobbyist, Past MO Representative, Senator, Homeschooling Father
Bob Wells-Author, Speaker, Homeschooling Father who testified on CHEF’s (FCM) behalf in opposition to HB 540 in 1999, which CHEF/FCM successfully defeated
Jedidiah and Josiah Summers
The Forces Behind Last Year’s Proposed Alteration to Our Homeschool Statue are Still at Work This Year
As you know, last year, FCM/CHEF stopped HB 857 and HB 1139 from altering Missouri’s homeschool statute. Both bills were dangerous infringements on our liberty.
Legislation is in the works again this year to permit homeschoolers to participate in government school activities, which will forever entangle us with government schools and their far reaching oversight.  
Sadly, there are homeschoolers today that want to be public school students at home-they just don’t want to go to the building. And strangely, the proponents of this push in Jefferson City are coming from Representatives that were homeschooled. This is a huge problem because it has confused many Representatives and Senators as to what homeschooling really is and what it is not.
In fact, Representatives and Senators are so confused as to what homeschooling really is that HB 857 passed through committee last year. It was not until you flooded Representatives with hundreds of emails and calls that we stopped it in the Rules Committee. CHEF/FCM has simply lost most of our longtime allies in the House and Senate due to term limits.
This is why it is imperative for us to come together once again and educate this new set of Representatives and Senators on what homeschooling really is, and not what they are being told- namely, that homeschooling is government schooling at home and that most homeschoolers want to participate in government school activities. That simply is not true. Only a small fraction of homeschoolers want to become a part of government schooling.
Call to Action
Due to lobbyist, David Klarich’s vigilant labor, Jon and I have not needed to activate the homeschooling community since 1999 when CHEF/FCM held the largest rally ever held in our State Capitol’s rotunda. It was a force of great magnitude. And through God’s grace and Bob Wells stellar testimony on behalf of CHEF/FCM, we won that battle.
It has been 20 years since we have requested your presence at our Capitol. Please heed our plea.
To keep our liberty, we need you once again. This must be as monumental because the Representatives and Senators that serve in our Capitol need to see you-not just David Klarich every day on your behalf-but hundreds and hundreds of families opposed to altering our wonderful homeschooling statute.  
A Very Clear Separation Between All Government Agencies Is Paramount to Our Liberty
The Representatives behind last year’s proposed legislation were, and still are, willing to forfeit homeschoolers liberty to please a few of their constituents that want their children to participate in government schools’ activities by granting government schools the authority to require homeschoolers to submit their curriculum and grades for approval before participation is granted.
The Far-Reaching Implications
This dangerous infringement on our liberty grants the government the right to invade a parent’s privacy, not only through identification as homeschoolers, but also divulging what they are teaching their children, and then exposing their children’s privacy of thoughts through viewing the student’s work.
Actually, legislation last year granted investigators the right to review WHAT parents are teaching and what their children are learning based on government school standards, which in fact then brings into question WHAT constitutes educational neglect.   
Are parents teaching evolution as truth? Are parents teaching the Koran? Do the parents provide LGBT lessons? Climate Change instruction? Are they…?
I (Candy Summers) graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis-a state university that educates and certifies government teachers.
I can tell you most emphatically that my education at UMSL was all about training me to make immoral humanistic socialists out of the children that attended my public-school classes. 
I was taught evolution, the Koran, all about LGBT lifestyles, climate change…I was forced to watch men having sex with men. I was taught that we evolved from monkeys; that there are no absolutes; everything is relevant; families are nothing more than groups of people; women have been down trodden for years; women make far better leaders than men; marriage is archaic; women should be free to have sex with whomever they choose and not be confined in a marriage; children should be taken from their parents early to make them creatures of the state; living in communes is ideal; our ancestors were stupid; our Founders were chauvinist, bigoted racist pigs; communist third world countries have far superior governments…I could go on and on and on.
Why would anyone want homeschoolers to give up their right to privacy?
Why would anyone want homeschoolers to expose their beliefs to officers of the government?
Last year’s bills, and this year’s proposals, would absolutely lead to constant and unrelenting entanglement between government bureaucrats and homeschoolers creating a constant need for protection from legal defense attorneys!
Presently we are Free to educate our children as we see fit! Free to teach what we want without government oversight of any kind!
We are not required to register.
We are not required to show any government official anything, except under very peculiar circumstances, mostly involving divorce cases, which has only happened a handful of times over the past 33 years of our leadership, our daily log, which serves a very clear and valuable purpose as a defense to any investigation.
The daily log is an indispensable safeguard to protect our privacy of beliefs-an unalienable right, which no lawmaker has a right to disregard, violate, transgress, infringe, or invade!  
Our present homeschool statute clearly created a very clear separation between the government and homeschooling families, which is paramount to our liberty!!!!!
Homeschooling Represents the Greatest Threat to the Educational Agenda of Government Schooling
“State agencies, school boards, and law enforcement agencies desire to identify and single out homeschoolers for the purpose of control.
One must understand that the agenda of the academic elite in this nation mandates that the largest body of children as possible be included in the educational “brain-washing” scheme of government schooling in order for their social agenda to be effective.
Homeschooling represents a growing and effective threat to that agenda which must be controlled or eliminated! So, what does this mean to us as homeschoolers? Simply this: In order for us to be able to withstand the increasing pressures which will come to bear on homeschooling in America, we must have a foundation of strength upon which we base our reasons for homeschooling. If we do not, we will ultimately lack the diligence, courage and endurance necessary to maintain that right and simply allow this privilege to be gradually stolen by the state bureaucracy.
As I think we can see, this is another thinly veiled attempt to introduce accountability of Home Educators to not only the Prosecuting Attorneys but to the local Public Schools and School Boards.  These “agents” cannot legally be considered as the “watchdogs” or “snoops” who have responsibility to patrol the H.S. community. And this potential is getting even greater as some Home Schoolers are increasingly submitting themselves to the “perks” of their Public School districts for sports activities, special extra-curricular activities.  As these parents expose their identity and their students, more and more scrutiny will be available for these watch-dogs to report “suspicious activity” or violations of the law.Bob Wells
“We won on parental rights. We are a free stateWe neither register, ask permissionor submit test scores. If the state has probable cause of educational neglect, a log of hours answers the question. Easy, right? 
We are a free state, based on the premise that our children do not belong to the state. They belong in the family. Parents have the inalienable right to care for them.” Saralee Rhoads

Christianity is the Most Persecuted Religion in the World

“There is no doubt that the gospel message is contentious. Christians around the world are dying every day because of it. Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.
“Nearly one Christian is killed every hour around the world for practicing their faith. ‘Reports suggest that about 200 million Christians around the world are at risk of physical violence, arrest, torture, even death simply because they live and practice a faith that is not acceptable to the rulers in that part of the world.’” (Breitbart)
Today’s academic institutions are shutting out competing worldviews. Professors who question evolution will not receive tenure and will most likely be dismissed. Don’t even think about getting hired if you oppose abortion and don’t bow before the altar of sexual and gender dysmorphia.
Senate Democrats are opposing lawyers who are up for judicial posts if they are not pro-abortion and gender-diverse friendly. Decades ago Leftists appealed to free speech and tolerance to gain a seat at the academic table. Once there, they shut the door behind them. “Toleration” is now a form of hate speech.” Gary DeMar

Our Duty to Secure the Blessings of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity  
Our biblical worldview makes all the difference in where we stand on issues. And as Charles Spurgeon poignantly stated: It is not so much knowing right from wrong as knowing right from almost right.
As stated in the Preamble of the US Constitution, the principle purpose of our Republic is to Secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity. Accordingly, strong families and a limited constitutional government are the most important pillars of our Republic.

CHEF/FCM believes parental rights come directly from God and are unalienable. 
The State of Our Union by Saralee Rhoads
To maintain the hard-fought liberty we all presently enjoy, homeschoolers must rally together as one body, without fragmentation-a condition that leaves us vulnerable.
The Birth of our Wonderful Homeschool Law: Reprint of an article written in 1983
Let’s take a look at the environment surrounding our first legislative battle—that of giving birth to our wonderful homeschool law. The following is a reprint of an article from September 15, 1983, and it describes the mindset of our people.
The good news is that we have a totally unified board as to our legislative objectives, and we hope that this will bring much needed unity to our entire organization.
As many of you know, we won our class action lawsuit in St Louis. The federal judge has declared the present Missouri law covering homeschooling to be “constitutionally vague” and that it will become void May 15, 1986. It will be up to the legislature to write a new law. We are therefore focused again to deal with the legislative process, but hopefully we can avoid some of the mistakes made in the past. 
To begin with, we must have a clear idea of what we want the law to say. It is obvious that in order to have unity among ourselves, we must go with the least restrictive law possible. The board has decided that the best way to accomplish this is to modify the existing law rather than push for a new law. 
We believe that this position is constitutionally and morally pure, and we would choose to resolve the matter in the courts rather than compromise this concept. 
The only part of Missouri law that deals with home based education is 167.031.  Private education is not regulated by the state of Missouri. Homeschooling is “private based home education” and should not be regulated by the state. We are a part of the private education sector.
This is a pure and solid stand that we believe will stand the test of the United States constitution. 
Once we leave this stand and accept regulation, we will never escape the ever tightening tentacles of government restriction and control.
 This board, to the last member, is willing to stand firm on this. 
We feel confident that the homeschoolers of Missouri can unite together on this, and therefore, will be able to send a strong, clear message to our legislators.
Having stated this clear objective, we must now mobilize ourselves for legislative action. 
We must begin to prepare ourselves now to meet the legislative challenge of the coming session. 
We intend to wage the battle both in the arena of public opinion and in the legislature. 
We believe that truth is on our side, and it is a cause whose time has come.
 If all efforts in the legislature fail (and we must be realistic about this), we will seek relief in the courts. 
The question is, “How much are your children worth?” and “How strongly do you believe in homeschooling?” 
WE do not intend to scare anyone away, but there comes a time when we must stand up for our rights. We are convinced that our organization will grow both in strength and in numbers due to our strong stand on constitutional grounds. May God help us get this message across.
Now, 37 years later, I am appalled at the lack of unity on the homeschool front. Time has produced hybrids of home education, by which our legislative initiatives may be clouded.
We must stand on principle, on the least restrictive reach of the law, and most of all, together.
I believe it is time for a statewide rally where we can again educate our lawmakers on the past.
If we fail to learn from our past, our children will be fighting this same battle all over again, but with much more difficulty than we experienced.”
Saralee Rhoads is co-founder of FHE with husband, Bill Rhoads-longtime friends of Jon and Candy Summers. Saralee and Bill Rhoads left FHE because FHE had departed from its original purpose and service to the homeschooling community. Bill and Saralee, along with the grandparents of home education in Missouri, Jim Rogers, and other leaders, asked Jon and Candy Summers to make CHEF/FCM, the state organization of Missouri. Jon and Candy have faithfully and diligently labored full time for the past 33 years to serve Missouri homeschoolers.