What do I do when my children say they are bored?
Heart to Heart
      Using scripture, teach them that their days are numbered. Whatever they do should be for Christ’s glory because it is He whom they serve. Make them aware of their blessings, praising God for all things. Actually list their blessings, pointing out the many kids who can’t walk, run.… Read the story of Helen Keller. Help them conclude that expressing boredom is selfish. To overcome selfishness, they need to take their thoughts off themselves and begin thinking of others. Their thoughts should be directed towards teaching and helping younger siblings, helping around the house, helping older neighbors, or making something for Grandma and Grandpa.      Going back to scripture, let them realize their purpose here: to serve and worship God, obey parents, learn God’s ways through Bible study and studies about His world (includes all academics), work, serve others, play, and rest. With these goals, there will always be something worthwhile to do. ©