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Patty Melts


On the one hand, I love Steak n’ Shake and Five Guys burgers. On the other hand, I am not particularly fond of homemade hamburgers, unless it happens to be patty melts. I love patty melts. They are so simple and so incredibly delicious.


Slowly cook rings of onions until golden brown. Cook seasoned hamburgers in butter until done. Then place slices of bread (French bread, rye…) in same pan with more butter. Top with slices of Swiss cheese, cooked hamburgers, generous covering of onions, more slices of Swiss cheese, and finally slices of bread. Flip when golden brown and crunchy. Add more butter as needed. Grill until other side of bread is crisp and golden brown, as well.



Homemade French Fries


I always serve these with seasoned French fries. With the skins intact, I thinly slice the potatoes into fries. Toss in flour, seasoned with generous portions of salt, pepper, chili powder, and cumin. And then deep fry in batches and serve hot.