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With summer just around the corner, this is a great season for families to be outdoors. For those with farms and gardens, it is planting time! Whether you are farming, gardening or planning your family’s summer trips, it’s important to be prepared to protect you and your family naturally.



Our family loves the outdoors! But, there is nothing worse than having to shorten our time outside because of mosquitoes, flies and other pesty bugs that can send us indoors. Here in the Midwest, it is tick season too! This is a real concern as we have had several friends who are battling Lyme disease, a serious threat from ticks that carry the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. We get so many questions on the best natural alternative to bug repellents, which we know are very toxic to our health.


Our family has turned to essential oils for so many of our health needs, and summertime protection again ticks, mosquitoes and other pesty critters is no different! Essential oils can work as a larvicidal; yet do not contain any toxic compounds giving us safe and effective alternatives so we can enjoy our summer activities. Here is our family’s favorite recipe for natural bug/tick repellent:


4 tsp. pure grain alcohol to 3 oz. water (*or just use distilled water)

5 drops of *Young Living Purification essential oil

5 drops of *Young Living Dorado Azul essential oil

5 drops of *Young Living Peppermint essential oil



Most of us have experienced the pain of being bitten by a wasp, bee or even flies! One of our favorite natural remedies for bites is an amazingly simple solution that most of us have in our kitchen. Garlic – God’s wonderful spice is also a must have for your natural medicine chest! Simply cut upon a fresh clove of garlic and place on bite, and you will have immediate relief.


*Young Living Lavender oil is also a great topical application to any bite. We also like to use *Purification essential oil with *Lavender essential oil on top to keep the bite from infection and helps reduce inflammation and brings relief.



In as little as 15 minutes you can experience sun damage to exposed areas of your skin, but we also know how important it is for us to get Vitamin D. The best source of Vitamin D is from the sun, but many of us are rightly concerned with the risk of skin cancer, which doubles when having just one blistering sunburn at any time in our life (http://www.skincancer.org).


So, get out the sunscreen, right? Not so fast. According to a recent study published in Environmental Science Technology, ingredients oxybenzone and methoxycinnamate and PABA are estrogenic chemicals linked to cancer. For more information see http://draxe.com/75-of-sunscreens-are-toxic-what-to-do-instead/.


So, what now? The truth is that the sun itself doesn’t cause cancer – it is essential for your health. Without the sun, plants wouldn’t grow, and without Vitamin D, we don’t survive! But we do need to know how to guard ourselves from over-exposure to the sun.


Protect from the inside! Your first line of defense should be to make sure you have free radical fighters such as Vitamins C and E. Also, Lutein and Zeaxanthin taken prior to sun exposure have been shown to protect against UV damage and abnormal skin growth development. (Gonzalez S, et al. J Invest Dermatol. 2003; 2;399-405). Other important nutrients to protect your skin are Resveratrol, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Beta-carotene. *Young Living’s Ningxia Red is a perfect source for all these free radical fighters! This food source has the highest rating for anti-oxidants than anything currently on the market.


A safe sunscreen alternative: Our family loves making our own natural sunscreen and has found it to be an effective alternative to the toxic sunscreens on the market. Here is our family’s simple sunscreen recipe:


*Young Living’s Claraderm Mist

5 drops of *Young Living’s Carrot Seed oil

This is equivalent to 38 SPF.

Spray it on skin every hour and especially after swimming.


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Have a safe and healthy summer!


Renee Yeo


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