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altSonia and I went into my hometown hardware store and asked if the owner sold cast iron skillets. He did and asked me what size I needed. He did not have them in stock but would need to order it from the catalog. Have you ever tried to determine a size of something by looking at tiny pictures that all look the same? He asked me as if I would know the size. Do you know the size of your skillets? I certainly did not. I just thought I could look at what he carried and pick one out.


When the butcher used to ask me what size roast I wanted, I would raise my hands and form the size roast I wanted and say, “This big.” He did not seem to mind, so I never thought it necessary to change the way I ordered roasts. So why would this be any different?


Well, when it came to the skillet and I raised my hands to form the perimeter of what I thought I needed, it turned out to be a 15-inch skillet that I ordered. If you don’t know exactly what size that is, take a tape measure and lay it out so you know what I mean. Roasts, no matter how large, can be consumed without a problem, but skillets are here to stay, especially when you pay that much for one.


When Jon brought it home, he asked, “Did you want a skillet this big?” Now he knows me and knows that my spatial conceptions are skewed beyond help, so why would he ask that? I guess it was better than saying, “Well, you have done it again,” or “I should never allow you to order sizes of anything without me.”


Of course, I did not really want a skillet that big! No one should own a skillet they cannot tote from the stove to the sink. Why, when I took it from Jon, I nearly dropped it on the floor. Cast iron is heavy, but extremely heavy when it is spread out over 15 inches. What in the world was I going to do with a skillet this big, I thought? I think providentially, but never when it came to skillets, so I just thought how dumb it was for me to guess at the size I needed without Jon there to tell me I was way off in my calculations.


Too kind to return it and too frugal to put it in the back of my cabinet, I was determined to make that skillet work. And to my utter amazement at God’s providence once again, I realized that in spite of my inept aptitude at determining size, God had provided a skillet that now allows me to get all of our eggs ready at one time. Yep, I can actually put ten eggs in the skillet and have them ready at one time so I don’t have to make them in shifts. It is really neat! But unless you have three burners to set it over, don’t even consider the possibilities because it takes three burners to heat the entire skillet—that is just how big it is.