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Main Course

I love steak! The boys love steak. But since it is so expensive, we only purchased steaks for very special occasions. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to have different cuts of steaks at our disposal when we purchased our first grass fed steer many years ago. Sadly, although every cut of meat tasted great, our steaks did not. They just did not taste like what we were accustomed to. Years later, we still don’t like our grass fed steaks. However, after reading Joel Salatin’s recommendation of cooking them in a crockpot, I decided to try them that way.

I have to admit that I would normally be less than thrilled to have my steaks cooked in a crockpot, but by this time, I was game for trying something new and coming from Joel, I thought I might have finally hit upon something that would make them more palatable for us. I did not intend to try this slow cook method on someone else, but when I realized that Sonia had thawed steaks in the refrigerator, and that is what we had left from our last beef order, I decided to make it for friends.

I covered the bottom of my roaster with sliced onions and red wine. After sprinkling salt, pepper, and garlic on each side of eight steaks, I placed these on top of the onions, covered them with whole Crimini mushrooms, set my oven on 250 degrees, and let them slow cook for eight to nine hours while we worked on the farm. When we got home, I pulled the meat apart, stirred it in with the cooked onions and mushrooms in the red wine gravy and served this over buttered noodles. I am pleased to say that it was delicious.